Christian coaching is the art and practice of enabling individuals to move forward in areas where growth or change is desired. Coaching helps turn thinking into action. With the assistance of the Holy Spirit, a Christian coach can help others uncover their God-given competence and formulate a plan for achieving results or moving forward in the direction that God is leading.

A Christian coach acts as a guide and a catalyst in assisting the coachee by using skills such as active listening and powerful questioning. Coaching promotes discovery on the part of the coachee. Rather than teaching and mentoring, a coach provides a setting where the person being coached can verbally process and work toward solutions. The result of coaching is forward action that promotes spiritual growth.

Christian Coaching Opportunities:

  • Determine areas where spiritual growth is desired and develop relevant strategies
  • Discuss and clarify problems or issues which need a solution
  • Draw out personal attributes or abilities which were previously unidentified
  • Recognize something you didn’t know that you already knew
  • Identify habits which need to be changed and formulate a growth plan
  • Set goals and create personal development plans

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