Can Jesus Really Change Things for Me?

Matt Pearson

‘But so that you may know that the Son of Man has authority on earth to forgive sins,’ he told the paralytic, ‘I tell you, get up, take your mat, and go home.

Mark 2:10-11

Transformation and Renewal

No one likes change. Perhaps you’ve heard it said that the only Baptist who likes change is a baby. (Grin.) It’s true though. No one likes change. UNLESS. We don’t like it when change happens to us unexpectedly or when our plans change abruptly.

But we do—if we’re being honest—long for a change to occur within us. There is something deep inside each of us that longs for a change. A transformation. A renewal. A refreshing. For moves toward wholeness.

We want to change the way we look. We want to change the way we feel. We want to change the way we act, talk, smile, laugh, hurt, cry, and worry. We want our situation to change. We want our status to change. We want to stop wanting contentment. We don’t like change. But depending on the situation, we all long for it.


More Than Just The Physical

I am sure the paralytic in Mark 2 wanted to change his situation. Jesus healed him, yes. But if you look closely, Jesus didn’t change his health status for the sake of healing his body. Jesus did it in order to prove He had authority to heal his soul. In other words, the physical change (healing of paralysis) was not, ultimately, what the man needed.

What was ultimate was his heart. His soul. His inner being. The part of him that energized everything else.


The Heart of The Matter

In fact, had Jesus only healed the paralysis, the man would have still been unable to function. His spirit would still be out of whack. Likewise, had He “only” forgiven the man’s sins and left him paralyzed, he would have been in a much better position to endure. How? Because his heart was being restored to wholeness.

Jesus didn’t correct the paralysis so his circumstances would forever change and improve. The man eventually got sick or grew old and died. He healed the paralytic in order to demonstrate the greatest kind of change: a change of heart. When the heart is restored to what was originally intended, eternal wholeness awaits.


What Now?

Take a few minutes and sit in silence. Write down things you would like to change about yourself. Which of these things are physical? Which are spiritual? Ask God to change your heart so that a proper perspective about everything else will follow.

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