Leigh Ann Swords • Station Hill Missions Minister

Leigh Ann Swords

Station Hill Missions Minister

Leigh Ann Swords

Leigh Ann Swords is the Church at Station Hill's mission minister. She has the privilege of connecting church members to acts of service–both here and around the world. She enjoys getting people out of their comfort zones so the Lord can open their hearts and minds to his great commission. 

When Leigh Ann was young, the Lord put a passion for seeing the world in her heart. At 14, she felt like the Lord was calling her to be a missionary after her first journey to Mexico. In college, she spent a semester in Europe realized the great spiritual need in an otherwise advanced culture. 

While still in college, she married the love of her life, Jeff. They moved to Nashville in 1998 and had their first child in 1999, and their daughter in 2001. They moved to Spring Hill in 2005, and then had another son in 2006. She was busy being a mom and wife, and her dreams of becoming a missionary seemed only a vague memory. But yet, the Lord changed all that on a mission journey to India in 2008. It was in India that God wrecked her and started putting her back together into the woman that He had always intended for her to be. 

Since then, she returned to India several times. She taken teams to various other places around the globe on mission for Christ. She realized that the Lord had indeed called her to be a missionary as a teenager. And she has found herself right where she was supposed to be.

Leigh Ann's passions include spending time with my family, traveling, teaching, and writing about and studying the Bible. Currently, she is pursuing a Master's of Divinity degree through the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. 

Devotions by Leigh Ann Swords

Title Scripture Date
The World May Hate Followers of Christ John 15:18-25 September 24, 2016
Appropriate Discipline and Instruction in Love Proverbs 3:11-12 June 30, 2016
Sin and Salvation Romans 3:9-26 April 4, 2016
God’s Promise to Restore His Exiled People Jeremiah 32:26-44 January 11, 2016
Every Tongue will Confess Philippians 2:5-11 September 30, 2015
God’s Nature Dwells Bodily in Christ Colossians 2:6-10 June 23, 2015
What Are You Doing with What You Have Been Given? Matthew 25:14-30 November 14, 2014