Brian Dodridge •

Brian Dodridge

Brian has served on the staff since 2012. He recently resigned his Executive Pastor position, but in a transition time, continues to serve our church in other ways. Brian married his high school sweetheart, Dee, and they have four children. They reside in Nolensville. Before joining the staff at Brentwood, Brian attended college at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona, and seminary at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas.

Brian’s work focuses on the day-to-day management of church operations, staff supervision, and ministry coordination. Working with Trustees and the Senior Pastor, Brian ensures the church’s staff, resources, and ministries align with the church’s mission and vision.

Brian uses some of his spare time encouraging church leaders by blogging “practical takeaways for everyday church leadership” at Brian believes in the church and wants its leaders to be equipped. The majority of his free time is spent doing what he loves most—spending time with his wife and kids.

Articles by Brian Dodridge

2 Ways to Celebrate Christmas

2 Ways to Celebrate Christmas

Is there anything similar in the way you’ll celebrate Christmas tomorrow and how the original Christmas was celebrated? While I’m not suggesting you recreate Jesus’ birth by building a manger or bringing a donkey to stay in your backyard (HOAs frown upon this). I do have two suggestions for creating some margin tomorrow to cut the clutter... continue reading

Devotions by Brian Dodridge

Title Scripture Date
Reflect on the Lord’s Work Psalm 143 October 30, 2014
Preserve Your Spiritual Heritage Deuteronomy 6:4-9 October 29, 2014