Ann Sophie

After my husband Nelson’s death at the beginning of this year my son and I are on a break from the active missions field. However, we are working at a wonderful Church here in Rochester and are trying to walk in what God has prepared for us here. I am hosting a small group and work part time at the Church. My heart is still for discipling young adults but am not sure how that will look in the future.

Prayer Needs

  • Please pray for God’s healingĀ and comfort as we walk through the loss of Nelson.
  • Wisdom and guidance for the future and in raising my 18 month old alone. Please pray for good friends as we are new to this town and far away from family, often the days seem long and lonely especially with Fall and Winter ahead.
  • FinancialĀ guidance as we have to move into a new place this fall and have to do a lot of renovations