Lockeland Springs Disaster Response • Article from Brentwood Baptist
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Lockeland Springs Disaster Response

Dear Friends:

Like most of you, I spent most of Monday night and early Tuesday morning watching the news channels track the storms across North and East Nashville. When everything settled down, we were heavy-hearted to hear about the increasing loss of life.

Damage to the community has been overwhelming. The Church at Lockeland Springs, our regional campus in East Nashville, has received severe damage. Significant portions of the roof are gone. The top of the historic tower fell to the ground. Big trees in the courtyard were blown over. Campus Pastor David Hannah, his family, and the rest of our Lockeland team are fine. They have been checking on our members who attend at the Lockeland Springs campus, and so far, everyone is safe and accounted for. 

Now—to the recovery. Our staff and ministry teams are on-site now evaluating the damage and planning our best response. From their observation, we are responding in the following ways: 

First, we have set up two designated funds: 

  1. The first one is to help with the reconstruction of the Lockeland Springs campus. 
  2. The second is to help with relief work in East Nashville and the other affected areas in Tennessee.  

Of course, we have insurance, so a significant portion of the cost of recovery for our facility will be covered. However, there will be many other financial needs related to recovery. Any funds received for the Lockeland Springs campus that exceed the needs will roll over to the East Nashville community recovery fund.

Second, as soon as it is safe, we’ll be sending teams into the community to help. Our Missions Team is determining other ways you can donate goods and participate in the recovery. We’ll post all of this information on our website. 

Third, this is a great opportunity to love our neighbors well. Pray for God’s leading in all that we’re doing and for how God will call you and your family to respond.

This will be a long journey, so stay tuned.


Mike Glenn, Senior Pastor 


Lockeland Springs Campus Reconstruction Fund Tennessee Tornado Relief Fund