Would It Be Enough?

July 20, 2022

“‘…If you know me, you will also know my Father. From now on you do know him and have seen him.’ ‘Lord,’ said Philip, ‘show us the Father, and that’s enough for us.’”

John 14:7-8

Just Not Enough

What situation in your world  just doesn’t seem to be worked out enough for your liking? Maybe someone you trusted let you down. Or something good you expected to happen just didn’t. And as a result, you’re struggling to come to terms with that current situation’s resolution. Maybe you’re even at war with yourself for not accomplishing enough, contributing enough, or simply being enough when faced with so many of life’s difficult demands. But when it comes to the fulfillment of our many desires, we have to ask, “Would it be enough?”

We are all bringing our notions of “not enough” to the very same table. But as it turns out, this lack of contentment isn’t a new reality reserved only for the modern-day church. Today’s verses are all about a disciple whose faith was all too ready to be made sight. And we have as much to learn from Jesus as he did.

By Faith in The Son

Here is one thing that should make us all feel a little more at peace. It’s the understanding that we are just as confused about God’s hand in things as Christ’s own disciples were. They followed the Jesus around for years, but still came up short in understanding His ways. Yet Christ continues to share Himself with His followers, and we see this through His infamous “I am” statements in this passage. In the midst of all Jesus is speaking, Philip boldly proclaims for himself—and on behalf of all the others—what the faith-becoming-sight situation ultimately calls for. “Lord, show us the Father, and that’s enough for us.” But really…would it be enough?

He essentially declares that all the proof they’d need to believe could easily be resolved. All they would need is the visual manifestation of the Father’s presence right before them. It’s as if the miraculous incarnation of the one and only Son of God just weren’t enough for them. (And don’t we too often feel the same?) The good news, though, is that Christ is faithful to bring it all back to the point and truth of what exactly is enough: He alone is where we put our trust. No added on conditions.

He Alone is Enough

The older we get, the more we find ourselves needing to surrender it all back to the Lord: from our passions and productivity, to our wrestling and remembering in our fight to believe in Him. Sometimes, it seems like we do more surrendering that we do actually securing the things we most desire. Philip only wanted to see God, just as we only want to see our circumstances go we way we wish they would.

Christ reminds us, though, that He alone is enough. We can’t add more conditions or stipulations to He who is actually already perfect, He who is actually already for us. He shares the truth that His hand is in all things and that He is working it all out on the Father’s behalf. All that we deem to be “not enough” is under the jurisdiction of the One who holds all things together. Trust is His provision, in His ability to resolve that which seems unresolvable. When we place our trust in Him, we will not be put to shame. So, we believe on the basis of faith that will one day be made sight. His ways are so far above our own.

Now What?

What situations and stipulations in your life do you need to surrender back to the Lord? How can you lay down your ideals of what’s good enough to make way for the only One who really and truly is enough? Reflect on these burdens you’re carrying, and ask Him for the faith you need to believe that His best has already been give to you in His name.

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