Who’s The Conqueror Here?

April 25, 2022

Who is the one who conquers the world but the one who believes that Jesus is the Son of God?

1 John 5:5

Written by Tommy Sanders from the West Franklin Campus

Be Not Deceived

John writes his first letter based on his intimate experience with Jesus as one of His 12 disciples. His goal is to give a clear description of the life of one who believes Jesus is the Son of God. He does not want false teachers and false practices to lead his readers—whom he compassionately calls little children—astray. Because of the risk of false teaching and deception, we are left to ask the question, “Who’s the conqueror here?”

We need to hear John’s message today. We know that to be saved, one must believe that Jesus Christ is Lord. John tells us that those who believe will keep God’s commandments, reject sin, and seek to become like Jesus. They love God and love their brothers and sisters. Because of their love for God, they seek to please Him.

Who are God’s Children?

God’s children have an anointing and know the truth. They overcome the world, and they do what is right. They are born of God, and God calls them His children. God’s Spirit dwells in them and testifies that Jesus is God’s Son. Because Jesus has atoned for their sin, they have eternal life in Christ and confidence on the day of judgment.

John says that to claim to believe Jesus is the Son of God and to yet act differently is to lie and deceive yourself. He says to hate your brother or sister is to be blind and to walk in darkness and remain in death. He says you cannot love the world’s way of life and yet also love the Father. To live according to the world is to deny that Jesus is the Son of God and is instead the spirit of the antichrist.

We are Overcomers

What is the answer to our question, “Who’s the conqueror here?” John concludes that the one who overcomes the world is the one whose life substantiates that he believes Jesus is the Son of God.

As believers, God has granted us great and precious privileges as His children. Make it your life’s pursuit to walk in those privileges as you represent Him in this world!

Now What?

Take some time to read the book of 1 John in its entirety. John provides some great indicators that let you know for sure you are a child of God. He also exposes the false understanding that belief, or mental assent, without accompanying evidence is insufficient to experience salvation and eternal life.

If you do not see the characteristics that John describes for those who believe Jesus is the Son of God in your life, turn from your own way and understanding to embrace life in Christ. Ask God to transform your life, give you His Spirit and abundant life in Christ!

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