Who is The Worthy Woman?

July 27, 2022

“Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting,
but a woman who fears the Lord will be praised.”

Proverbs 31:30

Past Culture’s Conversations

What does it mean for a woman to be praiseworthy? We often hold to ideals like these based off of the role models we admire. Others still are women in our midst whom we personally know to be deserving of our praise. All along the way, we must be willing to look past the cultural cues and societal symbols that speak into a woman’s role apart from the truths found in Scripture.

So, we have to ask ourselves this question: Who is the worthy woman?

By Intentional Design

All throughout the Bible, we will find that God created the woman intentionally, designing her with inherent dignity and value. Just as He created man, she, too, is a unique expression of His glory, having been created in His image. The woman was never intended to be less viewed or treated as less than the man. We see this truth exemplified throughout the Word of God as Christ continues His ministry. It was no accident that He entrusted His truth to be carried in the hands of these worthy women serving by His side.

Culture on all sides may deny, distort, and exploit the nature of women. Christ, however, unwaveringly redeems and reconciles their dignity back to Himself. And He calls us to praise, honor, and esteem the ladies within the body of Christ as they seek to follow the one true God.

The Ladies’ Legacy

Today’s verse is one that encompasses true biblical womanhood. So, as we pose the question, “Who is the worthy woman?”, we must allow the Lord to lead the conversation. Though the values of this world may be distorted and short-lived, the Word of God will endure. And so, too, will the legacy of the women He continues to draw to Himself, empowering them to continue the work of His kingdom.

May we seek the Lord with all our hearts and praise the women in our midst doing the same.

Now What?

Consider the ways that you have maybe allowed culture to guide the conversation on women and their worth. Then, reflect on the godly examples you’ve seen—both in Scripture and in real life—of women displaying God’s glory through their work in the kingdom. How can you continue to build up the women in your life by encouraging them as they seek the Lord faithfully?