Where’s The Greener Grass?

July 7, 2022

“If they were thinking about where they came from, they would have had an opportunity to return. But they now desire a better place—a heavenly one. Therefore, God is not ashamed to be called their God, for he has prepared a city for them.”

Hebrews 11:15-16

Stuck in The Past

Do you ever catch yourself wishing you were back in the past? Are you apt to reflect back to simpler, easier, or more comfortable seasons of life over the current one? It’s just so easy to do. In light of the everyday stresses of this life, it’s so tempting to wish you were back in the good old days…whatever that may mean for you. Do you ever find yourself asking, “Where’s the greener grass, Lord?”

The grass seems to be greener back there where you used to be, right?

God’s Plans Prevail

Throughout the Old Testament, God’s people have had a reputation for grumbling, even despite the miraculous provision they’d witnessed and experienced from the Lord. It was true that they’d had enough head knowledge to recognize the ways that God was taking care of them. But still they missed the comfort of knowing what they could expect from their lives in the past. But God had better plans for their lives and for those who would come after.

And the apostle Paul knew it’d be worth our time to remember those individuals who, despite it all, continued to walk by faith.

Promised Hope of Eternity

Here in Hebrews 11, we’ve caught a glimpse of so many ordinary heroes in the faith. This chapter is filled with the stories of our brothers and sisters who lived lives of faithfulness. And in today’s excerpt, we’re reflecting on the trust they had in God. Paul reminds us of where their thoughts were focused. It wasn’t on the past or where they’d come from, but rather on the promised hope of life everlasting.

They knew the answer to the question of “Where’s the greener grass?” was only going to be found in abiding with Him in the present as they persevered towards the future He promised. They desired more than just the “good” of their past; they wanted a better and heavenly place to dwell alongside their Savior forever. And the same God who made that promise to them then is the same one posing the same to us now: Though we endure hardship in this life, He walks alongside us. And He has made a way where there was no way, a way that leads to an eternity by His side. We can trust that the grass is always greener in the Good Shepherd’s pasture.

Now What?

Consider your current season of life. Are you struggling to see the Lord’s goodness where you currently stand? Was it easier to feel His presence in the past? Take a few moments to assess where you are on your journey, remembering that He is still guiding you as only the Good Shepherd can do. Remember to lean into your community as you seek to navigate the good He has in store for you not only now, but in life everlasting to come.

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