When Only Christ Is Left

March 10, 2022

When they heard this, they left one by one, starting with the older men. Only He was left, with the woman in the center.

John 8:9

Written by Amber Kinnett

When They Walk Away

Watching people walk away is a hard place to be. Whether you’ve been left by a spouse, parent, or friend, feelings of hopelessness and inadequacy can weigh heavy on your heart. Your mind may also wonder, “Does everyone choose to leave?” However, there is a special blessing to be found when only Christ is left beside you.

In today’s Scripture, we see a woman whose accusers walk away from her. One by one, they turn their backs, relinquishing their plan to stone her. You may feel a sense of relief when reading this passage, but did the woman really feel that way?

Here Comes The Shame

Shame often says, “You deserve the situation you’re in. You deserve all the pain. And if you don’t die from it, the least you deserve is to suffer alone.” These lies are dispelled when met by Jesus, who cries out, “Mercy triumphs over judgement! You are found innocent through My life. You are saved by My grace. Now, go and sin no more…”

Self-condemnation is shame’s way of leaving you in isolation. But God—in His great mercy–brings revelation that leads to a life of freedom. Instead of using intimate moments to condemn the woman, Jesus takes the time to unveil the love He has for her. This is the moment where she is faced with the truth: Jesus never walks away.

He’s The One Who Stays!

When you realize that only Christ is left, that’s when you discover He is all you need. He will never leave or forsake you. Jesus will stand with you, weep with you, and sit in the mess that’s left when everyone else is gone. But more importantly, He will pick you up with His righteous hand and set you on a path that is full of His goodness and mercy. All you must do is trust Him with the past–and your future–as you lean into His never-failing love.

What Now?

Who are the people who have turned away from you? Take time to rest in the beauty of God’s grace, knowing that you are forgiven and will never face this life apart from Him. Remember this: the blessing of being alone with Christ is greater than the burden of being surrounded by many accusers.

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