What’s Next For Us?

February 7, 2022

When evening came, his disciples went down to the sea, got into a boat, and started across the
sea to Capernaum.

John 6:16-17a

Written by Sarah Caskey from the Lockeland Springs Campus

No Amount of Readiness

Can you remember a time you found yourself woefully and wildly unprepared for the situation at hand? If you’re a parent, maybe it was when your child hit you with a question you couldn’t have possibly answered in a nuanced enough way. As an employee, maybe you didn’t have enough of your work together when the right time came, and your lack of preparation was seen by all. Regardless of our current stages or phases of life, we’ve all been hit with ridiculously difficult situations that made us afraid to even pose the question, “What’s next for us?”

Yet Christ in His kindness is our answer and our anchor amidst even the greatest storms of this life.

The Next Right Step

The disciples knew these feelings of uncertainty and unpreparedness all too well. They were following the Lord Jesus around so carefully, it seemed. They were so closely in His midst asking questions, listening, and soaking up what little tidbits of information they could glean from His teachings. Yet even they, in such close proximity, never had the slightest clue as to what would come next.

They walked in obedience as best they could with what little understanding they could grasp and muster up. Can you just imagine them storing up all that wonder and curiosity in their very confused hearts? The passage we’re reading today is a prime example of this phenomenon. It was dark outside, and they were without their leader and left to their own devices. But they did what they felt was the next right step—getting themselves onto the boat anyway.

Despite their—and our—despair, we can confidently concur that what’s next for us is never casually uncovered by shrinking back in fear of the future.

To Bravely Behold

The disciples couldn’t have known what awaited them as they walked in obedience onto that boat. They didn’t have the imagination required to perceive of the nightmare of a storm they would soon be stumbling into… Nor could they have known the miraculous sight and presence of the Lord that they’d soon behold.

The testimony of His sovereignty in the midst of their uncertainty is inscribed in the Word of God forever. May we likewise cling to the testimony of His power over the storms in our own lives. Though we ourselves are unsure of what tomorrow may bring, He is already there on the boat. Though we’re tempted to shrink back in fear of the future, we must remember what is true. His presence goes before and remains with us as we venture ahead and into the unknown.

May we bravely and boldly remember that the Lord of the storm is with us as we wonder, “What’s next for us?”

What Now?

Consider the biggest “what if” moments you’re struggling through right now as you worry about the future. Ask the Lord for the strength to surrender your worry in exchange for the peace that comes from His presence. Thank Him for the testimony we have in the Scriptures and for the testimonies we have from His faithfulness in our own lives.

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