What Are You Waiting On?

September 6, 2021

While He was with them, He commanded them not to leave Jerusalem, but to wait for the Father’s promise.

Acts 1:4

Written by Brad Smith from the Brentwood Campus

Follow The Leader

Not too long ago, I found myself walking up to a store to pick up some supplies. A line had already been assembled at the front door. So, like everyone else, I got into the line, too, and began waiting for the store to open. As we stood there, more customers began lining up behind me.

After a few minutes, others began to look around and ask, “Why is the store not open?” After a couple more minutes had passed, people had begun to express their frustration. At that point, someone walked up to the door to see if it was locked… only to find it had been unlocked the whole time!


You’ve Been There, Too

I am sure we have all been in this situation before. When something like this occurs, we tend to feel frustration towards the person at the front of the line. Other times, we may even feel a little embarrassed that we did not check the door ourselves—or at least ask someone if they had checked the door.

In this passage, Jesus instructed His followers with the following command: “Stay in Jerusalem and wait on the Father’s promise.”


What About You?

What are you waiting on? Are you seeking the Father to guide you and help you? Are you waiting for those around you to take the first step? Are you waiting for others to open the door before you even try for yourself? God has called each of us to seek and to follow Him.


Now What?

Take some time today and spend a few minutes in a place where you can observe the people around you. Use that time to pray for those you see. Ask God to reveal the next steps you may need to take in active obedience to His call on your life. Be on mission for Him!


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