Well, I Do Declare!

June 1, 2022

Written by Roger Severino from the Brentwood Campus

Communion and Connection

Have you ever heard the word “koinonia?” It’s often used as a class or group name, and it’s even the name of a famous concert venue in Nashville for early Christian music. The word means “fellowship” or “communion.” This Greek word is known in English because we are hard-wired for connection with God and with other people.

Commands and Compassion

In 1 John 1:3, the Apostle John carries out Jesus’ final command to declare the good news and make disciples (Matthew 28:18-20). This good news is more than the forgiveness of sins. It’s about relationship, which means it’s about koinonia. Jesus gave us two great commandments that place all of life into vertical and horizontal relationships: loving God (the vertical) and loving other people (the horizontal). Here, John tells us that we can have fellowship with the Father through Jesus Christ, and that we also have deep connection with other followers of Jesus through compassion.

Christ and Care

The last few years heightened loneliness and isolation. And many people feel disconnected. What hope do we have to offer? Koinonia. We can offer the hope of reconciliation and intimate fellowship with God through Christ, providing a place of care and belonging with the people of faith.

What Now?

Are you experiencing communion with the Lord? Are you participating in fellowship and deep connection with other believers? Are you inviting others to share in koinonia with the Father, as well as inviting them into your life and the community of faith? Along with the Apostle John, we have the privilege and opportunity to declare this good news!