To Extend the Grace Extended

December 15, 2021

But he wept so loudly that the Egyptians heard it, and also Pharaoh’s household heard it.

Genesis 45:2

Written by Zach Benzon from the Brentwood Campus

Forgiving those that have wronged us is truly difficult. I am guilty of letting the individual that cut me off in traffic have more impact on me than I would care to admit. And other times, family or friends treat us with complete disregard. I had people recently in my life that I thought would never wrong me or at least not continuously do so, demonstrate complete disregard for those around them.

Through this season, I have been reminded (mind you not in a fun way) that God asked us to forgive, but that does not mean we are capable of forgetting what happened. After all, we are not computers with a recycling bin that erases something forever once we select empty. Satan seeks to use these hurtful memories against us, but God desires to deliver us from them for our maturity.

In our text today, we see Joseph weep. In fact, translated from the Hebrew, the idea would be that “he gave his voice in weeping.” I would submit to you that we all have experienced some form of grief causing us to cry out to the Lord: Why is this happening?

God continues to remind me that He extends grace to me even when I do not deserver it. At times, what my flesh wants is something less than divine justice. But how hypocritical of us to ask God to extend grace to us but deny that to others!?

People attempt to comfort themselves and others, saying, “Why do good things happen to bad people?” The gut-wrenching truth is we are all sinners. The only truly “good,” non-sinning person to ever live is Jesus. He never sinned, yet He was berated, had countless terrible acts done to Him, and was ultimately crucified for the salvation of many. If anyone had a case for, “Why do bad things happen to good people?,” it would be Jesus. Talk about being wronged in a way we hardly understand, yet grace is extended to all who accept Him.

Now What?

Take a moment to think of those in your life that you have not extended grace to and pray for them. If you cannot think of any, ask God to soften your heart, so they can be revealed to you, and pray for those that come to mind. Pray that God will show you how to love them and extend the same grace He has extended to you.

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