This Is The Real Deal

January 19, 2022

I didn’t know him, but I came baptizing with water so that he might be revealed to Israel.

John 1:31

Written by Susan Foster from the Harpeth Heights Campus

What The Baptist Didn’t Yet Know

In John 1, we are introduced to John the Baptist’s pastoral ministry. He was baptizing apart from temple authority because he had been chosen to prepare the way for the Messiah. Jesus hadn’t performed miracles before His ministry started. John didn’t know that Jesus was the way, truth, life. But soon he would be able to say to himself, This is the real deal.

So, when John says “I didn’t know him, but I come baptizing with water so that he might be revealed to Israel,” he is referring to Jesus as the Messiah, not as a cousin or friend. John reveals in this verse how he came ready to baptize with water because he was preparing the way so that all might know Jesus as the Messiah.

Preparing The Way

We, too, are called to make Him known. Each day, we have opportunities to “prepare the way” so that all might know Jesus as their Savior. The way we interact with people, relationships we have and build, the speech and words we choose to use, how we spend our time, and everything we do are opportunities to point to Jesus or not.

Through our thanksgiving, obedience, and joy we can stand apart in this world. Other people can come closer to Jesus and grow in their understanding of Him as we make Jesus known.

How Will We Respond?

How can we make Him known in everyday life? Perspective can make a huge difference. For example, recently the line to check out at Costco was close to the back of the store. It was an unbelievable combination of events, leading to the longest Costco line I had ever seen. I watched three different people, respond very differently to the circumstances.

One man abandoned his cart and grumbled as he left the store. A young woman stood in line with two toddlers and entertained them the entire time by singing Bible songs. An older woman began a conversation with the man behind her, and throughout it, shared about her faith. Which of these three were making Jesus known?

Now What?

Consider for yourself the ways that you can seize opportunities to make Christ known today. Ask the Lord to reveal the ways that you can prepare the way of the Lord and create space for others to say of the Savior, This is the real deal. Thank Him for making Himself known in your life.

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