This is How The Gospel Changed My Life

Callie's Story

The Quest for Satisfaction

Throughout my life, I have searched relentlessly to find opportunities that would allow me to continuously gain all of the power, recognition, and control. This never-ending process was a tactic I used to receive the love and approval that I wanted from others. I lived in a spinning hamster wheel, where I had to be the best in the next class election, sports meet, graded project, relationship, application, or extra-curricular activity. I couldn’t stop looking for the next thing to achieve for I feared feeling inadequate and unloved.

While I was restless and in search of a new opportunity to make my life worthwhile, my college teammate took the time to have a gospel conversation with me. For the very first time, I heard that there was a Lord and Savior who loved me, regardless of my resume or achievements. Right then, it felt as if a thousand pounds were lifted off of my shoulders.

The Change I Needed

Christ’s story became everything I ever needed and filled my broken soul. I wanted to know Him. I wanted to be like Him. I wanted to share Him with the world. From that day forward, I began to follow Jesus, and He soon led me to Brentwood Baptist Church.

I started visiting Brentwood Baptist because of the church’s mission to engage the whole person with the whole gospel of Jesus Christ anywhere, anytime, with anybody. I saw this mission lived out in the lives of the leaders, and I felt that I was invited to take on the challenge, too. Brentwood Baptist is a church where you receive high challenge and high invitation. The dynamic duo gives the congregation a sense of urgency that is backed by faithfulness and passionate devotion to Jesus.

All Because of the Gospel

I have now been presented with every tool I need to feel equipped in my walk with Christ. Whether it’s attending Kairos, meeting with my small group, having various opportunities to serve in the community, being poured into by faithful women, or given a strong Gospel-centered sermon, God truly has provided me with it all. And regardless of my achievement status, I now feel known, wanted, and loved—all because of the gospel of Jesus Christ.