There’s Still Hope After Death

Kori’s Gospel Conversation Story 

I met my friend through her younger sister who is 17 and in high school. They are resettled refugees from the country of Burma. Her younger sister was telling me about her situation and how difficult it was for her older sister who was expecting her fifth child. So, I went to meet the family, and we enjoyed talking about baby clothes and getting the baby things ready.  

The week that the baby was due, I got a message earlier in the week that the mom had a medical problem. So, though she was fullterm, the baby was stillborn. 

Culture & Compassion 

When the mother was released from the hospital, the family held a memorial service in their home, and they invited me. And culturally, no one wears shoes, so I’m in their home, and we’re sitting on the floor. We’re singing worship songs, and I sat next to the mom the whole time. While I was there, I kept wanting to find a way to just reassure her that she was loved. 

And at that point, I noticed that the time in the hospital and just the 24 hours at home, no one had helped her get cleanso her feet needed a little attention. I felt led to wash her feet and really wasn’t sure how I was to go about doing that and not make it seem like the weirdest thing ever.  

God Grants An Opportunity 

So the next day, I showed up with a tub to put water in. I gathered her and the children around and said, “I have a story about Jesus I want to share with you.” I told the story as I started with the youngest and went all the way up to Mom. I just told how Jesus washed His disciples’ feet and how He served and loved them. 

At this point, the mom lights up and starts talking with a great excitement in her native language, and her sister starts interpreting. And she said, “Miss! This is the story the missionaries told my sister when we lived in the camp!” And this is when she accepted Christ. 

There’s Still Hope after Death 

We’ve remained connected over the last few months since this happened. Each time I visit and each time I come, she sits down with a smile. We talk, and she’s pulled out her English New Testament. We’ve talked about Jesus. I have hope for her. I have hope for her children, and I think the Lord can do some mighty things in her life.