The Well-Known and Wonderful

October 12, 2021

Your works are wondrous, and I know this very well.

Psalm 139:14b

Written by Karyn Caldwell from the Brentwood Campus

Coziness and Contentment

One of my favorite words is cozy. And now that fall has arrived (hopefully to stay!), we are entering the coziest of the months. Flannels and bonfires and cups of steaming hot chocolate or coffee. Blankets and fireplaces and sports on the television. Many of these words elicit a feeling of contentment in people… the well-known and wonderful feeling of being cozy.

In Danish culture, there is a word for this: hygge. According to Webster’s Dictionary, hygge is defined as “a cozy quality that makes a person feel content and comfortable.” I learned about this word while on a trip and have loved it ever since. I seek out opportunities for hygge. In our current world, I feel like we are all looking for opportunities to find this kind of feeling again.


Rest for Our Weariness

So, what on earth does this have to do with Psalm 139? I’m glad you’ve stuck with me. When the world feels too much and too big, Psalm 139 serves as a reminder that the Lord is faithful, He is all-knowing, and His plans have been in place since the beginning of time. Psalm 139 makes us take a deep breath and exhale, knowing that the Lord holds us so tenderly in His care. It is the ultimate feeling of hygge when our souls are weary.

When we look specifically at Psalm 139:14b, “…your works are wonderful, I know that full well,” we are reminded that His works ARE wonderful. And we are His works! He cares about each detail of our lives and the things that are happening around us. We get to stand in awe of the things He has orchestrated and not worry about holding it all together ourselves. He has us. We get to rest in His kindness.


Loved and Known

We are the well-known and wonderful works of the gracious Creator.

When we need to be reminded of who God is and all He has done, this is the perfect Scripture to read slowly and aloud, letting the truth settle over our hearts. We do have a Heavenly Father who sees us and knows us individually. We are His works. He wants us to feel safe and secure in His presence and in the work He is doing.


Now What?

When it comes to telling others the truth of the Lord and how He is working and moving, sometimes the best thing we can do is just share our stories. Invite a friend to coffee, have them come sit on your back porch, or invite them over for dinner—and just talk. The natural overflow of the Lord working in our lives is that we will tell others about it. Doing that in an environment that is cozy makes others feel safe to share their experiences and to ask questions.


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