The Social Media Gospel

Amy-Jo Girardier

Whoever said that social media couldn’t be used to spread the gospel has most likely changed their mind after seeing the effects of COVID-19. During this time of physical distancing, online platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Zoom are keeping us connected, and we’re seeing God move in big ways. He is impacting people to live out the truth of His gospel through whatever means available (yes, even the internet).

Amy-Jo Girardier, Girls Minister and Student Missions Coordinator at the Brentwood campus, shared a story about the Brentwood Baptist Women’s Facebook group. She mentioned:

“We had a mom, who was traveling in New York, tell us that her adult daughter was sick and alone in Brentwood. She needed someone to check on her.”

What happened next was amazing. Several ladies began a conversation with the mom and offered to drop off groceries, Kleenex, and cough drops to her daughter. Within a matter of hours, the daughter was stocked with food and essentials—all thanks to the tool of social media and the obedience of church members to love their neighbors well.

Girardier mentioned, “This group was started in 2018, but now it’s seeing some real community. It’s amazing to see the church being the church in these unprecedented times.”

So, here are a few questions to think about:

  1. How are you engaging others with the gospel during this time?
  2. Are you staying connected to His church through social media or other online platforms?
  3. Would you be willing to share with us how God is moving in and through your life right now? If so, click here.