The Secret Ingredient Is…

November 18, 2021

In any and all circumstances I have learned the secret of being content- whether well fed of hungry, whether in abundance or in need.

Philippians 4:12b

Written by Kent Garrett from the Brentwood Campus

Contentment can be a tough feeling to obtain in a world filled with the need to achieve. Whether at work or at home the world seems to be built on comparison and accomplishments. The key truth lost in this professional rat race is that there will always be something “else” or something greater to achieve. Chasing after worldly fulfillment is an easy thing to fall into, because it does provide a temporary form of contentment. But that contentment is fleeting, and we have the key to escaping temporary fulfillment.

We know from the first chapter of Philippians that Paul is writing from imprisonment. Even in these harsh circumstances he is inspired through the Holy Spirit to write words that are eternally true. Whatever human life gives, the key to contentment is reliance on Christ. Notice the title of this devotional is to receive contentment, not to gain it. The difference is in the medium of gaining contentment. It is not out of actions we do, however it is received when we allow Christ to rightfully be in the center of our lives. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, gives all power and glory to God to use us as his tools for his own glory. Which is also the key to contentment, a mutually beneficial relationship between creator and creation in which we are fully satisfied by praising and glorifying him.

Understand that working diligently and gaining profit to provide for others is important, however putting those things as our foundational identity is not what we are called to do. Faith and reliance on Christ is the foundation of everything we do, and all other things are mere details compared to the foundation of Christ. I can do all things through Christ as my leader, not “with” Christ along for the ride.

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