The Power of Presence

September 10, 2021

But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come on you . . .

Acts 1:8a

Written by Kent Garrett from the Brentwood Campus

It Feels Like a Mess!

Have you been feeling a lack of control over your life and the state of the world we live in? Doesn’t it seem like the more effort you put in, the more of a mess things become? Sometimes, the more we try to do things our way, the more we end up getting in the way.

In the first chapter of Acts, Jesus tells the apostles that some things are not for them to know. Can you imagine being told that, as the ones whom Jesus was closer to than any other group of people? He also reminded that them that these mysterious things are only under the authority of God almighty (Acts 1:7). Humbling, right? Good! He then commands them to be His witnesses after receiving the power of the Holy Spirit, not before.


How Much More Do We Need Him?

Did you catch that? Jesus has taught these men for a long period of time, and yet He knows this knowledge and experience alone will not be enough for them to be His witnesses. If Jesus knew His apostles needed the Holy Spirit, how much more do you think He would say we need the Holy Spirit—especially since we live in a culture that is all about knowledge, instant gratification and results, and performance-driven success?

We know and believe that, apart from Jesus, we can do nothing (John 15:5). It is only with the power of the Holy Spirit that the things we have learned from Jesus can be put into action. The Holy Spirit reminds us of what we have read and learned about the character of God and about the fruits of our Savior, Jesus Christ. This requires time, effort, and energy, along with mind and heart space daily devoted to growing closer to our Lord.


Now What?

Take a moment to remember the last time you were overwhelmed or confused about the world around you. Did you take it as an opportunity to lean into a time of prayer? Do so now, taking a moment to pray for the power, wisdom, and eternal understanding that only the Holy Spirit can provide. Reflect on the Apostle Paul’s words in Romans 15:13.


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