The Ones That Remain in My Heart

Sissy’s Story

My name is Sissy Lafon. My husband and I came to Brentwood Baptist about three years ago. We heard about the Medical Dental Unit soon after coming here. It ministers to people’s physical needs, but it also ministers to their spiritual needs. We see people come who’ve put their faith in Christ. We see others come who have strayed away and walked away, but now want to come home. But I think the ones that remain in my heart are those who do not accept Christ.


Honest Conversation

One such incident involves a Muslim woman and her ten-year-old son.  They had come to The Church at Woodbine for medical and dental work. They had some genuine questions about Christianity, questions such as, “What do you think about Mary? What do you believe about her? Do you really worship three Gods? How is Jesus different from our prophets?”

I answered their questions. I gave them my personal testimony. And of course, as I talked to them, prayers were just flowing from my heart. So I asked them, “Now, you were born a Muslim, is that correct?” They were very happy to say yes. I said, “Well, I was not born a Christian.” That gave me an opportunity to walk back through some of the things that I had told them about being a Christian.


A Matter of Faith

They did not accept Jesus that day as their Lord and Savior. But they did take a Bible, and they promised me that they would read it. Before they left, the mother gave me a big hug.

Thank you, MDU, for giving me this opportunity to share my faith in Jesus Christ.


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