The Implications of Christ’s Love

May 7, 2022

“And he has given us this command: Anyone who loves God must also love their brother and sister.”

1 John 4:21

Written by Amber Kinnett

Love can be hard. Especially when you feel it’s impossible to give anymore away. But God gave us the command to love our brothers and sisters. So, what are the implications of Christ’s love, and what does this mean for the ways we relate to those around us?

This is love…

God is love. And if we are filled with His Spirit, then we have the power to love others. There’s a reason the first fruit of the Spirit is love. Love grows fast and strong, and it’s the first sign of being a believer in Jesus. When we realize the reality of God’s love for us, love abounds all the more.

But it’s easy to look around at our world and see a lack of love. There are gaps in intimacy, lack of connections, and a plethora of reasons to disagree with one another. If we’re not careful, we can filter our affection and withhold our love towards those who fail to share the same viewpoints or perspectives. And we are seeing this more and more in the church.

Family is Stronger

As believers in Christ, we are called to love one another. Using the image of a family unit, we are created to love our brothers and sisters. It’s a hard thing to witness family members who are at odds with each other. God’s desire and command is for His family to live in unity, because that is when we most glorify Him.

Does your heart’s desire reflect God’s? Here’s the bottom line: our lives reflect the condition of our hearts. If our hearts are filled with hatred and dissension towards our fellow brother and sisters, then maybe it’s time for a heart check.

What Now?

Just as it’s good to have a physical heart check, a spiritual heart check is in order. Ask yourself, “Am I loving my spiritual brothers and sisters? In what ways do I reveal God’s love to them? How can I extend the love He has generously offered me?” Allow God to do the deeper work in you so that your life may reflect more of His love. And may the family of God be better for it.

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