The Heart of a Father

August 16, 2022

“The Lord had his heart set on you and chose you, not because you were more numerous than all peoples, for you were the fewest of all peoples.”

Deuteronomy 7:7

From Kindness Extended

Have you ever known someone whose kindness towards you changed the trajectory of your life? Maybe it was someone who offered you a helping hand in a time of need. Or maybe it was someone who was willing to stand up for you though you had nothing to offer them for doing so. Maybe it was just someone who was in the right place at the right time who simply saw an opportunity to do good on your behalf. It’s not too often that a circumstance like this happens in our lives, it seems.

Yet this is the kind of undeserved and unexpected love that reflects the heart of the Father. Our own acts of love are nothing more than an extension of His own self-fulfilled abundance.

Out of His Abundant Love

God didn’t pick us because of what He stood to gain from adding us to His empire. If anything, we are liabilities and risk factors that seem to only take instead of give on His behalf. It’s on account of the overflow of His own sufficiency and everlasting love that He chose to take us on. We have no talents or achievements to speak of that could even think to add substance to His holy, untouchable name.

We are His works in progress; sanctified parts in need of regeneration and renewal. He’s not taken aback by our neediness or inability to measure up. In fact, it’s for this reason that our Messiah took the cross in our place.

Found in The Father

God loves us because. . . well, it’s just because He does. It’s a simple statement, yet it’s impossible to truly grasp. He loves us because He created us. And He created us out of His own perfect, unchanging, self-fulfilling love. He takes us, the lowly outcasts, and crafts us into conduits of His grace whose belonging is found only in the truth that He desires for us to find our place in Him alone.

We have nothing to offer Him apart from His own image, which He first gave to us as His imago dei. Come find your rest, peace, and purpose here in the heart of a Father, the eternal One whose heart longs for you.

Now What?

Which truths about the Father and His love are most difficult for you to believe and truly grasp in your heart? Take some time to reflect on the areas of difficulty, and ask the Lord to reveal Himself specifically in those spaces. Consider those you can speak to on this topic and use your time in fellowship to share your heart on the matter. He is faithful to provide clarity through your community as your journey together in His truths.

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