The Friend Who Does No Wrong

September 23, 2021

Take what’s yours and go. I want to give this last man the same as I gave you.

Matthew 20:14

Written by Donna Soliz from the Brentwood Campus

It’s Not Just The Kids…

“That’s not fair!” As school is beginning again, these words abound. But children are not the only ones who feel this way. Throughout time, there have been plenty of examples of people feeling that life is not fair, that they deserve more. In Genesis 3:5, the serpent convinces Eve that it’s not fair that she deny herself the fruit that will make her like God. She had been convinced that she did no wrong in this sinful pursuit.

Fast forward to Matthew 20, where we find the disciples whining, “That’s not fair.” In Matthew 19:27, Peter has asked Jesus, “What are we going to get for giving everything up and following you?” Like a good teacher, Jesus tells a story to get His point across. A landowner needs help harvesting crops before they are lost. He’s an honorable boss who hires workers throughout the day to complete the work, agreeing on a fair wage with each one. But when pay time comes, the murmurings begin. “That’s not fair…” The landowner pays them all the same amount, pointing out that it was his money to give.


What About Me?

Today, don’t we do the same? Someone gets a bonus, and we think “That’s not fair.” Someone gets bumped to first class on a flight. “That’s not fair.” All of our friends are getting married, having babies, and acquiring new houses and nice cars. “That’s not fair.”

The thief—deserving to die, hanging on a cross—asks Jesus to save him in his last moments on earth. Jesus promises him the same paradise He promised to the disciples who gave up everything and had followed Him for years. THAT’S NOT FA….oh, wait. We need to stop and rethink that one. Isn’t the ultimate goal of Christians to help people find this truth, especially when we don’t deserve it?


Because of His Grace

Can we imagine a scene in heaven where the greats of Christianity—the disciples, the Israelite wanderers, the Mother Teresas and the Martin Luthers and the Billy Grahams—look down when one of us asks for forgiveness, and then shout, “THAT’S NOT FAIR!”? No, of course not. As commentator David Guzik, notes: We are all grateful that God deals with us according to who He is and not according to who we are! Jesus is truly the friend who does no wrong, whose perfect life and sacrificial death settled our debts once and for all. Because of His grace and mercy, we can walk in gratitude rather than discontentment for our circumstances.


Now What?

Take a moment to consider the areas in your life that you feel are “unfair.” Ask the Lord to give you peace over the place where your pride is tempted to overshadow your gratitude. Reflect on the grace He has shown you and how you can live in the beauty of the gospel’s “unfairness.”


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