The Difference That Jesus Can Make

A New Opportunity

Teaching English has given me so many opportunities to form good relationships. One in particular was that very first year that we taught. This special lady was my only student. She was going through a really, really rough time. She had come to the United States, married, and stayed. And she was very, very lonely.

Following God’s Lead

I remember one day specifically. I was visiting with her in her home and sharing with her about how much Jesus loved her. I didn’t push her to make a commitment, say a prayer, or pray for Jesus to come into her heart at that time. I didn’t feel like that was the leading of the Lord at that time.

The Difference that Jesus Can Make

But as she began to be involved with the people at the Hispanic Church and began to see changes in their lives, it was there that she really saw the difference that Jesus can make in her life, and that’s when she committed her life to Christ.