That All Would See The Light

December 2, 2021

That you have prepared in the presence of all peoples, a light for revelation to the Gentiles, and for glory to your people Israel.

Luke 2:31-32

Written by Phil Byerly from the Brentwood Campus

In Longing and Anticipation

Can you recall a circumstance when you were elated to hear that you were included in something you had been anticipating and longing for? Maybe you were desperately trying to get home after a flight cancellation. Then, you get to hear those sweet words over the intercom: “We are now beginning the boarding process, including all standby passengers. Welcome aboard!”

Or how about after you’ve been held captive by a global pandemic for over a year, longing for some normalcy. You then get to hear that approved COVID-19 vaccinations are now available for all adults. Moments like these make you exclaim, “Yes! Thank God!”

The Light Proclaimed

Simeon was anticipating and longing for the day when he would see the Lord’s Christ as the Holy Spirit had revealed to him he would. Simeon knew Jesus was the promised Messiah and salvation for all peoples, that all would see the light.

After seeing and holding Jesus in his arms, he praised God: “You have prepared [salvation] in the presence of all peoples—a light for revelation to the Gentiles and glory to your people Israel.”

The Good News for All

All aboard to those who want to board. Come all to get vaccinated who want it. All come to Jesus who long to be loved and forgiven, and who desperately want to have hope, peace, and joy in their hearts.

Simeon knew the significance of good news for all when he recognized Jesus in his arms as the promised Messiah. Yes! Thank God!

Now What?

We all like to tell good news when we’ve overcome some adversity and know what enabled us to do it. This Christmas season, intentionally share the good news of Jesus’ birth and what He has enabled you to overcome.

Take time to light Advent candles in your house and see Jesus as the Light to all, bringing hope, joy, peace and love.

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