Strength through The Seasons of The Soul

“I spent the majority of my life knowing about the Lord but not walking with Him. My mind was focused on family, work, and pleasure. That all changed about nine years ago.

My wife, Pat, became ill with vascular dementia on January 1, 2010. Over the next seven years, she slowly became like a child until death. I was very bitter with the Lord at first; however, I began to realize that there is a reason for everything that happens. He is in all things, and He makes good things from the bad.

I soon recalled how God took good care of Pat and how she loved Him. He began to slowly open my heart to seek others and share His love for them. I decided to get busy for the Lord and to tell others of how He was with me through all that happened.

I currently am having an on-going gospel conversation with one of my friends. During one of our recent lunch dates, I shared a story about Pat while she was under hospice care. I told my friend that she remembered and quoted John 3:16 during our morning devotion on October 31, 2016. Her mind really did seem to come alive, even though she was in full vascular dementia. As I shared that story with my friend, he seemed very impressed but didn’t comment any further. I am continuing to have lunch dates with him and will continue to share about the good works of my Lord whenever I can.

I also am serving with our church bus ministry, helping less-fortunate people to purchase groceries. After we pick up the last passengers, we stop for the reading of Scripture, devotion, and prayer. We give people the opportunity to hear about Jesus and encourage them to reach out to their neighbors to invite them to join us on our weekly ride.

God has me exactly where He wants me. I know He has strengthened me through the toughest seasons of my soul so that I can share His great love with others.” —Bob Humphrey, member of The Church at West Franklin