Straight from Heaven

January 22, 2022

I have seen and testified that this is the Son of God.

John 1:34

John the Baptist: the cousin of Jesus. John the Baptist: the one who preceded Jesus’ birth by six months. John the Baptist: the one who jumped while inside his mother’s womb when he heard Mary’s pregnant voice. John the Baptist: the one who knew throughout his life that he was the forerunner to his cousin, the Messiah. John the Baptist: the one the prophets foretold. John the Baptist: the one who had been predestined by God the Father to point to the reality that Jesus of Nazareth was the Messiah of God.

It was he who said, “I have seen and testified that this is the Son of God.”

Does that strike you as odd? I mean, why did it take John the Baptist this long? It had been the theme of his life! It had been the waters he swam in (pun intended) before he even emerged from the womb. Why would he wait until age 30 or so to declare that he had seen and testified that Jesus is the Son of God?


There is a big difference between hearing about something and experiencing something. There is a big difference between “knowing about” and “seeing with your own two eyes.” Did John the Baptist know Jesus was the Messiah, the Son of God, throughout his life? Certainly. But he couldn’t testify to it until he experienced it for himself. “I have seen and testified.” That made all the difference. Growing up, John knew. After Jesus’ baptism, however, John had seen and could now testify firsthand. John knew before. But a transformational encounter allowed him to see for himself.

When did that happen for you?

Has it happened to you, yet?

There is a massive difference between knowing about Jesus and experiencing Him firsthand. Have you seen and can testify? What happened? What is happening now? Perhaps, like John the Baptist, you have grown up hearing all the wonderful things about Jesus. Have you had a transformational encounter with Him? Have you seen for yourself? Can you testify, not based on what your parents told you – but what you know to be true?

What Now?

Share (testify!) with someone today about your transformational encounter with Jesus. How did Jesus go from being someone you knew about to someone you experienced?

If you aren’t yet able to declare that you have seen and can testify for yourself, lean into what God may be saying to you and leading you to right now.


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