Stepping Into The Unknown

September 18, 2021

Here I am. Send me.

Isaiah 6:8b

Written by Dan Hall from the Brentwood Campus

Risky Business

I have found that the older I become, the less comfortable I am with taking risks. When I was young, heights never bothered me. I used to climb the tallest trees in my neighborhood. But now, heights bother me more than they ever used to. As a man in his 40s, I deem the climbing of a very tall tree to be an unnecessary risk. We don’t really like stepping into unknown territories, either.

I think we’d all agree that these days we are having to be more careful and cautious with what we do, where we do these things, and with whom we do them with. Our personal risk-versus-reward ratios have been in heavy fluctuation. Big life and planning decisions are much more calculated than they are spontaneous in nature.


Commitment to The Call

In Isaiah 6:8b, Isaiah heard the voice of the Lord asking who He should send for witness. Verse 8 begins with God outwardly questioning, “Whom should I send? And who will go with Us?” It’s important to note that God already knows who He should send and who should go. This isn’t God posing a question. This is God calling.

This is God extending an opportunity. Without hesitation or knowledge of the details of the calling itself, Isaiah commits to the calling. He commits by faith alone. It isn’t until the subsequent verses that Isaiah asks for details: “How long, O Lord?”


What’s Your Foundation?

Sometimes we hear God’s call loud and clear. Other times, we become aware of the call later. Regardless of timing or form, we are all called and equipped by God to serve as He has intended and intends. We must understand that some calls may come without detail or explanation. Some calls require commitment by faith alone. Like Isaiah, we are often called to faithfully step into the unknown.

If your faith were the sole requirement to build a foundation for answering God’s call, would the integrity of your foundation sustain your full service to God?


Now What?

Pause and reflect on your openness toward hearing and receiving God’s call. Consider whether your commitment to God and His call on your life is reflective of the condition of your faith. Assess your faith in preparation for God’s call that you would step into the unknown. Then, thank Him for making His grace known to you so that you may make Him known to others.


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