Should I Go or Should I Stay?

July 24, 2021

8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord asking: Who should I send? Who will go for us? I said: Here I am. Send me.

Isaiah 6:8

Written by Patty Taylor from the Brentwood Campus

If you were being considered for a position of leadership, how would you feel about it? Would you accept it immediately? What would be your thought process? What would be your concerns? What if the position being pondered was to work as a minister on a church staff? How about leaving the comfort of home and country to become a missionary? How would you arrive at your ultimate decision?

Isaiah was living in Judah during the time when King Uzziah had just ended his successful 52-year reign. Judah was rich in land and possessions, enjoying abundant luxury and military might. These excesses had caused the people to disregard their dependence upon God.

Isaiah had not forgotten God, and it grieved him that the people flaunted sin and pride in the face of God. But when Isaiah heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?” he recognized his own shocking sinfulness. Even after he had his unclean lips cleansed, he still felt inadequate. He gazed in awe and wonder on the magnificence of the holy temple of the Lord, and he realized he was not worthy to stand in the presence of such holiness. Despite his reluctance, Isaiah uttered his answer, “Lord, here am I, send me.”

What does it say about Isaiah that he responded in the affirmative? Do you think he was afraid? Why would he assume such responsibility? Isaiah was being sent by the Lord on a divine mission. He knew Israel was God’s chosen nation. Isaiah also knew that despite their wanderings and falling away from God, God would take care His own. Isaiah’s willing heart compelled him to accept the charge. Perhaps he knew it was a privilege to serve God.

As ones who have been saved by grace through faith in Christ, do we realize that we hold a privileged position in being able to share Christ with others? The Body of Christ, the Church, has been chosen by God to be His dwelling place throughout time and into the eternal ages to come. Our bodies are temples of the living God because the Spirit of God dwells within each one of us. When the “call” comes, our answer always should be “Lord, here I am; send me.”

Questions to Ask Yourself

  1. Have you ever heard the Lord calling you? Were you attentive?
  2. Did the Lord ask you to do something you simply did not want to do?
  3. Did you turn a deaf ear to the pleading of the Holy Spirit?
  4. Based on this devotional about Isaiah, if you heard God asking, “Who will go for me?” what would your answer be? “No, not now, Lord,” or “Yes, Lord”?