Rowen Glenn Center — Building Update

Greetings from Embrace!

Hello, church family! My name is Tiffany McCullough, and I have the privilege of serving at Brentwood as the Special Needs Minister. As you may or may not know, we are currently underway on a building project for our Embrace Special Needs Ministry on the Brentwood campus. Since breaking ground in early December, I would love to take a moment to update you on the progress with the construction.


A Foundation for Generations to Come

On Tuesday morning, May 11, concrete trucks began arriving around 3:00 a.m., and the entire concrete slab and foundation for the Rowen Glenn Center was poured. On the morning of May 11, when the concrete slab had been poured, we were able to have Pastor Mike and Rowen come to the construction site to join us and put their hands in the concrete slab of this foundation. I was so reminded and encouraged in seeing them put their hands there on that foundation as it being a spot for decades to come as a place that provides belonging, value, safety, and care for families and individuals impacted by disability.


Thank You for Your Prayers and Support!

We would be so grateful if you would continue to keep us in your prayers that God would give us wisdom as we make decisions and as we sort through many of the details involved in this process. Along with that, if you would just continue to pray that at the forefront of every single thing we do and say, that God is glorified for everything this ministry has been given the opportunity to do.


Click here if you would like to financially contribute to the building of The Rowen Glenn Center.