Redeeming Love

May 13, 2021

14 At mealtime Boaz told her, “Come over here and have some bread and dip it in the vinegar sauce.” So she sat beside the harvesters, and he offered her roasted grain. She ate and was satisfied and had some left over. 15 When she got up to gather grain, Boaz ordered his young men, “Let her even gather grain among the bundles, and don’t humiliate her. 16 Pull out some stalks from the bundles for her and leave them for her to gather. Don’t rebuke her.”

Ruth 2:14-16

Written by Sarah Lowe from the Brentwood Campus

Have you ever felt like a hopeless outsider?  Perhaps because of a move or a life circumstance, you found yourself out of favor with those around you. Or maybe you were in an environment at home or at work that seemed so hostile that you felt trapped, with no way out and no resources to sustain you.

As we’ve studied the life of Naomi, we’ve seen her face a very challenging situation. But though the story of Boaz and Ruth, God is showing us His plan of redemption.  Ruth could have gone on her way and left her mother-in-law Naomi to fend for herself after the death of both their husbands. Instead, Ruth embraced Naomi’s God and pledged herself to walk in His ways. She faithfully followed Naomi’s wise counsel, working hard to provide for both of them.

As Ruth worked faithfully, she caught the eye of Boaz, a wealthy landowner.  Because Ruth had learned to trust the Lord God of Israel, Boaz saw that she was different than the other girls. He invited her to glean in his fields, and his servants told him of her faithfulness.  So Boaz told the servant to purposefully leave extra grain for her and to make it safe for her to work in the fields.

It looks like a deeper love story is forming here, but it began with Ruth’s commitment to the Lord and to her mother-in-law. Her faithful service and obedience to Naomi prepared her for the next role she would play in God’s plan of redeeming love!

Questions to Ask Yourself

  1. As you read through the book of Ruth, watch how God reveals His love. Consider how He guided and provided for the widow Naomi.
  2. How does this encourage you to draw close to God, to seek wise counsel, and to faithfully follow God’s guidance?
  3. Watch how God will provide abundantly more than you can ask or imagine.

Missions Prayer
Pray for rich time in the Word for our church family’s global workers (missionaries). Pray that they will hunger for Scripture every day and choose it first, feeding themselves on the truths and character of God.

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