QuaranSing! This is What Compassion Looks Like

This is What Compassion Looks Like


When the pandemic hit the United States, many people quarantined in their homes. Slowly, society began to “reopen” again. However, many of our church members still remain indoors for various health reasons. In order to show Christ-like compassion, a small group of worshipers made special house visits to share a blessing of hope and unity through song.


A Quote from Oksana Viyuk, Worship Minister at the Harpeth Heights Campus

“Today, we’re doing a community ‘QuaranSing.’ There are folks in our congregation that are unable to go to church or maybe feeling lonely during these times. This is a small way for us to minister to them as we go to their front yards, sing some worship songs, and deliver baked goods.

I think about our mission statement: to engage the whole person with the whole gospel of Jesus Christ anywhere, anytime, with anybody. May they know that they’re loved, that they’re seen, and that they’re never alone.”