H.O.P.E. Workshop

Group Focus

Grief and Loss


Fridays at 5:00 PM




H.O.P.E. Workshop (Helping Overcome Painful Experiences)

2016 dates:

January 15, 16, and 23 

May 6, 7, and 14

Friday 6:00-9:00 PM | Education Room 2132 ABCD
Saturday 9:00-3:30 PM | Following Saturday 9:00 - Noon
| Education Room 2132 ABCD

“If only things had been different.”
“If only I had done more!”

Are these thoughts an ongoing part of your life? Have you lost dreams, a loved one, relationships, job, home, health, financial security?

Regain hope, focus, and perspective in your life. HOPE is a Biblically-based workshop that guides participants in a process to help:

·     Eliminate the sense of hopelessness

·     Learn to identify loss and disappointment

·     Discover tools to appropriately deal with unhealthy relationships

·     Become equipped to compassionately help others deal with difficult situations

What participants say about HOPE Workshops:

“You come out of the HOPE Workshop having tools that you can use for the rest of your life.” — Roger
“The teaching was excellent.” — Kathy
“Expect a breakthrough! I got mine—expect a breakthrough.” — Regina

Even though we know Jesus, we're not exempt from dealing with the pain of abandonment, abuse, fear, resentment, and heartbreak in this world. It's OK to not be OK. Learn how to have HOPE in this workshop. The cost is $150.

We offer these workshops several times a year. For details on the next workshop and registration, please visit the Caring Resources website: www.caringresources.com.

Contact: Sheryl Cook | scook@caringresources.com | 615.573.5061

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