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Mentorship and Coach Ministry

Coaching is a relational process that turns thinking into action. The Coachee is the expert in this relationship and the Coach’s role is to draw out of the Coachee information, experiences, and truth. Asking questions, listening and delivering concise messages the coach guides the elimination of interference prohibiting forward spiritual progress. If you are interested in becoming a Coach, please sign up to let us know you're interested. You will receive instructions on how to begin the process to becoming a Coach.

Time Commitment

Level 1 - Introduction to Coaching; 16 hours (two 8-hr sessions); $50 course fee. Level 2 - Coaching for Change, Transition, Transformation; 16 hours (two 8-hr sessions); $50 course fee. Once trained, the Coachee determines time needed with their Coach.

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For more information, please contact Karen Taylor.

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