Welcome Desk Volunteer

Guest Services

Volunteers that work at the Welcome Desk have a great responsibility in helping answer questions of our first time guests and making great “First Impressions”. Welcome Desk volunteers work in teams of two or three to ensure that guests do not have to wait to ask for information. Welcome Desk volunteers perform the following tasks: take time to know the church calendar (provided each week), know the layout of the building, be aware of LIFE Group information, treat each person that comes to the welcome desk as the most important person they have talked with today, be willing to go the extra mile in helping guests, be consistent in serving. Potential Spiritual Gifts – hospitality, service, mercy. Potential Abilities – Social and Enterprising Potential Passions – Working with people and helping them feel welcome and connected

Time Commitment

At least two Sundays a month (3 hours or more per month)

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For more information, please contact Todd Bishop.

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