The following church members were selected to join our The Trustees of Brentwood Baptist Church. The Trustees serve as a lay leadership team elected by and accountable to the members. They’re empowered to ensure alignment of ministries with the church’s mission and vision, give oversight to the ongoing operations of the church, and provide counsel and support to the Senior Pastor.

Mike Barnett


CHILDREN: Kris (Andrea) Barnett, Corrie (Joe) Blair

OCCUPATION: Retired, Amsurg

CAMPUS: Brentwood

CURRENT SERVICE AT BRENTWOOD BAPTIST CHURCH: Trustee, Board Member of Reborn Community Church, Parking Lot Team Member, Carpenter’s Hands Ministry, Begin Anew Board Member.

PAST SERVICE AT BRENTWOOD BAPTIST CHURCH: Deacon (2001 – 2010), Staff Resource Team, Missions Committee

STATEMENT OF FAITH: I believe that Jesus is the Son of God and died for my sins. I was baptized at twelve years of age in the Baptist Church that I had grown up in but didn’t fully understand what that meant until later in my adult life. My family and I joined Brentwood Baptist Church in early 1984. Over the years the church has had a tremendous influence on myself and my family. Both of our children were baptized here.

Dale Clayton

SPOUSE: Pamela

CHILDREN: Monica L. Fawknotson

OCCUPATION: Vice President Nations of Coaches

CAMPUS: Brentwood

CURRENT SERVICE AT BRENTWOOD BAPTIST: Deacon, Small Group Leader (Once Delivered), and Chairman of the Racial Unity Group

STATEMENT OF FAITH: I became a Follower of Christ, or Christian in 1974. It was the influence of my college coach that led me to understand the need to accept Christ as both Lord and Savior of my life. So, I asked Christ to forgive my sin and by faith accepted His death as atonement for all my sin. Thanks to the many bible studies I attended at my coach’s home, I knew I needed to become a student of the Bible. The result was 2 Timothy 2:15 becoming my life verse. I also developed a life statement, “ to live in such a way that I am a living testimony to the power of God’s saving grace. I believe the chief end of man is to glorify God. And, there is no better way to do that than obey him out of love and encourage others to become His disciples.

Jeremy Johnson

SPOUSE: Maribeth

CHILDREN: Keyes, Kelsey

OCCUPATION: Songwriter/Producer for LifeWay

CAMPUS: Station Hill


PAST SERVICE AT BRENTWOOD BAPTIST: Leadership in Worship Ministry at Brentwood Campus (1999-2010)

STATEMENT OF FAITH: I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior at the age of 12. My parents instilled in me Christian values from the time I was born, and I am passing along that faith to my children. I am thankful that God loved us enough to provide a way for us to have eternal life through His son. I seek to serve Him daily and I am grateful for this opportunity.