Our Helping Hands in Hardship

November 20, 2021

Still, you do well by partnering me in your hardship

Philippians 4:14

Written by Tiffany Coursey from the Lockeland Springs Campus

When I read Paul tell the Church at Philippi they did well by partnering with him in his hardship, I am reminded of my own experience with my church walking along side me. I believe there are two important things about partnering in hardship for us to remember: we should partner with those in hardship, and we need to allow our church to partner with us.

First, as the church, we should partner with others in their hardship. There are many applications to this, both within our church communities and across the world. My focus today is how we walk with each other. The last two years has been one of the most challenging seasons of my life. Time and time again, my church community has partnered with me. Sometimes in the form of food and other times someone to talk to or cry with. There was, and is, always someone to pray with and for me and my family. Having my church walk with me in this season has been a tangible expression of God’s love and provision. It also reminds me that we must be in close community to really see how we can best partner with others in their hardships.

Paul’s words also remind us that we need to allow our church to partner with us. We need to let people into our lives so they can see where we have hurts and hardship. This is not easy for all of us. Sometimes we are more worried about being a burden than allowing God to provide for us through our community. They are being the hands and feet of Jesus – and that is provision in our lives.

Pray for God to help you see where you can partner with others in their hardships. Partnering and allowing others to partner with you in challenging seasons are beautiful parts of being in Christian community.

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