Nothing Apart From You

January 12, 2022

All things were created through him, and apart from him not one thing was created that has been created.
John 1:3

Written by Karyn Caldwell from the Brentwood Campus

With the turn of the calendar page, there are a lot of feelings and thoughts about a new year. Many of us are still trying to sort out the beginnings of 2022 while still reeling from the last two years. It can be hard to find a fresh start when so much has seemingly “followed” us into the new year.

We have two really challenging years behind us and, if you’re like me, maybe feeling a little bit skeptical about this “fresh start” of 2022. Others of us anticipate the turn of the page each year seeing it as a fresh start only looking forward to what the year ahead has in store. Whatever the case, we do have a brand new year ahead and have the opportunity to challenge ourselves to see Jesus in new ways as this new year unfolds.

No matter how we see it, we can hold fast to the knowledge that Jesus remains the same. Nothing in any of our histories surprises him. Nothing in our futures will either. We can hold firmly to the knowledge that without him in our midst, our lives don’t hold the same hope or promise as they do with him. Even when we don’t understand or see clearly what the Lord is doing around us, what we can know, without a doubt, is that He is in the midst of it. Scripture tell us that “he was in all things.” From the first breath of creation (Genesis 1:1) through all that is and all that is to come.

Our minds are finite. It is hard to grasp the idea that all the things we see—people, nature, ideas—are all there because he placed them there. We are his creation. His grand plan for us was in place since the beginning of time. The Lord is everywhere if we take time to see him. He’s in the sunshine and the snowflakes, and he’s in the hard conversations and the laughter that echoes around us. He is in all of it because he created all of it.

So, on the days we feel like it is all too much to bear and on the days that are filled with joy and amazement of the wonderful things he has given us, we can remember that it all is here because of him and he holds us with such great care we can trust his plans are good for us.

What Now

So, how do we do this? Maybe it’s taking time each day to list out things we see the Lord doing around us. Maybe it is asking someone where they have seen Jesus during their week or sharing where we have seen him ourselves. Maybe it is helping others see the Lord at work when they are having trouble seeing it for themselves. Whatever the case, sometimes we have to help one another stop and shift our sights to the One who created it all and who through all things have been created and are possible.

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