Not Good to Be Alone

July 26, 2022

“Then the Lord God said, ‘It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper corresponding to him.'”

Genesis 2:18

The Relatable Need for Relationship

How would you describe your day so far? Or your week? This month? Year? How can you sum up what it looks like for you to walk with Jesus? How are you walking alongside others in community?

Would you say that loneliness plays a role in how you’d describe this current season of life? Are you feeling the effects of God deeming it “not good” to be alone? Well, how does it feel to know that all along God Himself foresaw this need within our lives? Relational closeness among His creation has always been on His radar. And He has already created the solution for our need.

Here’s Why We Gather

Each of us desires that remedy for loneliness and isolation, just as the first man did so shortly after God brought him to life. It’s a wonder that mankind experienced this need even before the fall of man as sin entered the earth. So, how much more do we feel the effects of our lonesomeness here in our own fallen world?

After the last couple of years, we have no doubt all seen the impact that seclusion and separation can have on us as human beings. Believers all around the world have really begun to witness and experience the need for biblical community.  And as a result, we are still holding tightly to this same awareness. This is why we’re making it a priority for our church to gather together. It’s so that we can truly know one another and grow together as we go on mission for the gospel.

The Church in Every Season

As we consider the roles that our God-given identity plays in our lives, we recognize—as He Himself stated first—that it is not good to be alone. In fact, we can better find ourselves and the things we so desperately need through the gift of a life lived alongside others. And while this idea led the Lord to institute the first marriage between man and woman through Adam and Eve, it brings us closer towards the need to truly foster relational closeness. This is not just a notion for those who are married, but all throughout the church body as we seek to follow Jesus together, seeing that no one lacks anything…not even companionship from their fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. In every season of life—from childhood into adulthood, in singleness or marriage, whether young or old—we all need the help of the church walking with us. God created you to extend His love to those beside you.

They say that it takes a village to raise our kids; we can believe that the same village is still needed as we go through all the ins and outs of each stage of our lives. We know from experience that it’s not good to be alone. So, how can you show up for those in the church who are in need of relationship, camaraderie, and support? God wants to use you to make an eternal difference.

Now What?

Consider your answers to the questions we asked in the beginning. Then, reflect on how you can take steps towards connecting with the local expression of God’s love to the world: His church. Are you gathering in community throughout the week, both on Sundays and in a group? Take that next step of faith.