No More Excuses

September 21, 2021

“Because no one hired us,” they said to him. “You also go into my vineyard,” he told them.

Matthew 20:7

Written by Patty Taylor from the Brentwood Campus

What’s Our Heart Posture?

Why are we inclined to display selfishness, covetousness, and jealousy? Is it that we think only of ourselves and our “fair share”? The landowner in this parable needed work done in his vineyard. Willing workers showed up to do the work and agreed upon their wages. Throughout the day, more workers came and received their work.

Come pay time, however, complaints and discontent abounded because all the workers made the same money. Yet it was the landowners’ right to set the wages. He did not “cheat” anyone. He did pay the workers their agreed upon amounts.


What is “Fair”?

What do you think this verse is showing us? If we were one of the workers, our finite mind might have thought, Hey, wait a minute! He didn’t pay us fairly. But if we think of Jesus as the landowner, we’ll have a different conclusion.

When the thief on the cross received salvation as he was dying, was that fair to the believer who confessed early in Jesus’ ministry? Was it fair to the Gentiles when the Jews were given the first opportunity to be saved?


The Same Blessing

Salvation is free to all who believe. Yet is this what we deserve? Regardless of how many days, weeks, or years we have been followers of Christ, salvation is still a gift from God. Whether we are seasoned Bible scholars or young children who have recently asked Jesus into our hearts, the blessings are the same. Our faith in Christ assures us of our place in heaven and eternal life with Him.

But we also have responsibilities as fellow laborers in God’s vineyard. We should be willing to work—serving others, feeding the hungry, helping idle workers find jobs, showing kindness to the lonely and discouraged, and telling the unsaved about His love and power. As a worker in the vineyard, we should also share the message of the Divine Landowner who wishes for everyone to accept the wage of His sacrifice. May we be faithful to share in gospel conversations about this free gift.


Now What?

Consider the role that serving Jesus and His Church plays in your life. What ways you practically serve by doing work for the kingdom? Whether it’s volunteering to lead, teach, or greet on a Sunday morning, you can do work for Jesus that will lead others into a deeper relationship with Him.


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