No Exit

February 9, 2022

A high wind arose, and the sea began to churn.

John 6:18

Written by J. Rodney Taylor from the Brentwood Campus

Out of Our Control

Have you ever found yourself in a situation over which you had no control? Where there was seemingly no exit? Like a hurricane, a tornado, or even a serious, life-threatening illness? If you have not yet, then at some point in your life, you will experience such an event.

I recall my last Florida hurricane in 2004. It hit at night—they always hit at night!—and I could hear the winds howling down my street at nearly 150 MPH, the roar of nearby tornados and the breaking of limbs from trees. My wife and I could only hunker down in the hallway of our home and pray that it would soon be over. We were helpless to do anything about the circumstances.

Stuck in The Storm

Jesus’ disciples had a similar encounter. When they arrived at their boat, the winds had already increased, and the sea was probably foamy from the wave action caused by the wind. They would have been wiser not to have tried to cross the sea at that moment… But that’s a discussion for another time.

Against their better judgment, they embarked into the boat and left the shore, rowing out into the midst of a roaring wind and sea. I can only imagine that, by the time they had rowed those three or four miles out, they were saying to themselves, “What have we done?” They realized that familiar feeling of having no exit, just as we so often do.

Then, suddenly, the figure of Jesus appears, and their fears subside.

Emmanuel, God With Us

When you find yourself in circumstances you cannot control, a physical condition from which there seems to be no relief, Jesus is there. You may not see Him, you may not feel His presence, but He is there.

You need only to acknowledge His presence through prayer and thanksgiving.

Now What?

Take a moment to thank God for the truth that His precious Son is always our companion, regardless of our circumstances. Acknowledge that whatever storms we may face, Jesus is there to comfort and to deliver us.

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