Music, Memories, and More

Recently, one of the ministries at the Brentwood campus shared their gift of music with others. The Good News Singers were performing at a local assisted living facility, where they were able to share the gospel through song. Marylee Atenhan, Director of The Good News Singers, shares her story with us.

“We sang a message of good news centered around Christ’s love, presented the road to salvation through the Roman road, prayed the sinner’s prayer, and finished our performance.

Immediately, the Activities Director came up to us. She was overwhelmed with the recent news about her son’s baby. Her son and his wife had just found out they were five months along with a baby boy when the doctor told them that the baby had complications with his heart and didn’t know if he would make it to his due date.

The Activities Director was in tears by this point and asked us to pray. We gathered hands, encircling her as our group and the audience prayed for her unborn baby grandson.

I was overcome with emotion as it was obvious that everyone there was touched.

We were able to have a conversation about the gospel through music, shared Christ’s love with the residents and employees, and forged a lasting friendship with the Activities Director. I left in tears feeling so humbled that we were able to pray for her, her son, her daughter in-law, and her unborn grandson.”

Marylee and The Good News Singers were able to make sweet memories by sharing Christ through their singing. It truly is amazing how the ministry of music was a blessing that day, and there will be many more blessings to come as the Good News Singers continue to share the love of Christ through song anywhere, anytime, with anybody.