Ministry Partner Highlight – Living Hope

Greetings from Capetown, South Africa 

Hello to everybody at Brentwood Baptist! It’s so special to talk to you again. I’m John Thomas, founder and executive director of Living Hope, which is based iCapetown, South Africa. 

Feeding The 5,000 

On Thursday, December 17 in the evening, a huge fire broke out, which destroyed 1,124 homes, affecting about 1,500 families. Now, get this: a home of 10 foot by 12 foot may have two families living in that home. And we have been involved since then, as Living Hope, feeding the 5,000 quite literally! 

We have been privileged to be the designated organization, as the main disaster response unit, in terms of relief and aid—not in terms of housing or rehousing the peoplebut in terms of the response of food, clothing, blankets, mattresses, household goods, children’s toys, hygiene items, you name it! We have been responsible to get that to the people 

Because of Your Generosity 

The chapel, which you helped build at Brentwood Baptist for us, is literally floor to ceiling full of clothes! And I’m not exaggerating when I say that I don’t know how many cubic square feet there is, but loads and loads of clothes, and so we’re progressively giving those out from our church based in the community, Masiphumelele Baptist, and it’s been incredible to see both local and international generosity.  

In Partnership for The Gospel 

Thank you, Brentwood Baptist, for your giving. Thank you for your partnership, not just with Living Hope, but with the fire victims of Masiphumelele. We really appreciate it, and may God bless you in every possible way.