Each year, we make the most of life's natural milestones by merging students' questions and discussions intograde-specific topics. The goal is to provide solid answers to the tough questions students face each day.


  • Sunday Morning

    Our Sunday morning cannot become a time in which our people just come and watch—to be a spectator or consumer. Our students are challenged to take the lead and participate in facilitating discussions of biblical truths among their peers. Our aim is to reinforce the foundations being discussed in our LIFE Groups, to create in them a thirst to know Christ and give them the necessary tools as they pursue Him.

  • Wednesday | LIFE Groups

    One of the basic needs of students is to belong and be a part of community… specifically a biblical community. It's within these groups that we provide opportunities for this to happen, for students to ask questions, and to be challenged to journey forward in knowing Christ as they look at primary foundations of our faith.

  • Students

    Yearly Focus

  • GRADE 6: Identity

    In this year, we deal specifically with the issues of origins, uniqueness, and developing in the hearts and minds of students a biblical worldview.

  • GRADE 7: Relationships

    This is a full year as we explore healthy relationship with family members, the community, friends, and an in-depth challenge on purity and dating.

  • GRADE 8: Character

    Students will explore the life, mission, and character of Jesus Christ and learn the importance of integrity and making wise choices.

  • GRADE 9: Purpose

    Our goal is to have students understand they're made with purpose, they have certain talents for a reason, and they're given spiritual gifts when they come to Christ. We'll also look at how God can redeem our experiences.

  • GRADE 10: Servant Leadership

    When students truly love God and have a healthy understanding of themselves, they can authentically love people and can "give their lives away" with complete freedom to the cause of Christ.

  • GRADE 11: Absolute Truth

    In this critical year, students will have an intense look at biblical authority, biblical revelation, and theology.

  • GRADE 12: Influence

    In their final year of high school, students will explore engaging culture, apologetics, ethics, and being challenged to live a missional life based on 1 Peter 3:15.