The Need

This isn’t the small-town Nashville we used to know. It’s a very different time and place. People are moving here in masses—not just from other states, but from all around the world. We’re now becoming the center for music, movies, art, culture, food. We’re becoming the hub for healthcare and business. And we’re quickly becoming a central location for immigrants and refugees.

  • Evangelism

    Sharing the gospel and making disciples is at the root of everything we do. It can be difficult with the backlash of our culture against Christianity, but in order for people to know Jesus, we have to tell His story. That happens by meeting needs and building relationships. If we address poverty, education, and healthcare, evangelism comes naturally and opens doors for us to share Jesus with people all over Middle Tennessee.

  • Education

    Most colleges were started with a Christ-centered foundation. In years past, public schools always acknowledged the importance of integrating spirituality and education. What if we got involved in our local schools— tutoring, landscaping, helping teachers—just to be a blessing and do something good? Our schools would look different.

  • Healthcare

    Just like educational institutions, hospitals have always had a faith-based beginning. Just look at Baptist and St. Thomas Hospitals in Nashville—two nearby examples. What would happen if we partnered with them and continued providing free, quality healthcare in local communities through our Medical Dental Unit? We’d earn the right to be heard.

    Medical Dental Unit

  • Poverty

    “This is our home. For there to be a hungry child in Williamson County is just wrong. For there to be a student who has talent and ambition but no opportunity is just wrong. We need to do something about it.” — Mike Glenn

    Over time, people have become enslaved to it. It’s a vicious cycle they can’t get out of. And even if they tried, they wouldn’t know how. For centuries, it’s been the church who’s fed, clothed, and sheltered those in need. We want to break the bonds of poverty in Middle Tennessee and influence men, women, and children to find their worth in Christ and work toward what He’s calling them to be and do.