Jesssica • East Asia • Brentwood Baptist Church

East Asia

Prayer Needs

Going to East Asia to work with children and divorced women.

Would you please pray for this transition? 

Would you please pray for me as I journey to a place I've never been before? I know that God will provide. He called Abraham to a place he had never been before and provided all that he could need.

Would you please pray for the children and families that I will encounter? Pray that God would lead me in His love to those around me that need to know Him. Pray that, by reaching children with the gospel, generations of families would be impacted with the love of Christ.

Would you please pray for the divorced women that I will build community with? Pray that I would be used as a vessel to encourage them and support them. Pray that my story could be used to help them see God's faithfulness in their own stories.

Would you please pray for my family during this time, that they would trust in God's plan for my life.