Danielle • South Africa • Brentwood Baptist Church

South Africa
Living Hope


Danielle is Curriculum Coordinator for all of the children’s programs, which includes seven afterschool programs that happen in five different townships every day. She also oversees and trains the Life Skills Educators who work in the programs and conducts children’s ministry training with local churches. Currently, Danielle is coordinating the first-ever afterschool math tutoring program in one of the townships.

Prayer Needs

Pray for Danielle’s relationship with the Life Skill Educators at Living Hope as she is their teacher, encourager, and leader. Pray for her to have wisdom in managing the various situations that occur.

Pray for wisdom as they develop curriculum for the five VBS holiday clubs and other things they have each year. Pray that God would prepare the hearts of those who will hear this curriculum and change lives through it.

Pray for rest, good health, and safety as she manages two different ministries and various responsibilities this year.

Pray for Danielle as she has to renew her visa this year.

Pray for King of King’s church as they look ahead to planning Sunday school camp and many other events and new things this year. Pray for the children’s ministry and families involved in the church.